On The Road  (Continued)

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Felper's 48 Y duo green

Kershaw's 53 TD MKII red

Murrelll's 53 TD red

Gerry & Laverne Felper

George & Kevin Kershaw

Bill  Murrell

Pullen's Red TD

Melvin's 55 tan TF 1500

BrianKelly.jpg (64999 bytes)

Rick & Jill Pullen

Jim & Gayle Melvin

Brian Kelly

DaveandNancyGaston.JPG (64045 bytes)

DelmonicoTC.JPG (56965 bytes)

PatandBillyWolfe.JPG (53257 bytes)

Dave & Nancy Gaston

Lou Delmonico

Pat & Bill Wolfe 

HowardBuseyTF.JPG (55693 bytes)

JohnBowyer.jpg (57180 bytes)

Howard Busey

Phil & Ruth Gross

John Bowyer


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