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  2020 has started out very busy for VMG.Our first meeting was a fun event with a parade of silly hats, a review of 2019 in photos and vintage photos of club member from years past. Lois McGovern organized the photo display and it was quite a challenge to identify us “in the good old days”. In the silly hat contest the honors went to Barbara Gallegos with her “Crazy Hat Lady” hat and to Gary Crow with his “Flashing” top hat.

On the 11th we gathered at Bob Spellmire’s home for his traditional “Trees and Trains” event. While the down stairs crowd marveled at his beautiful Christmas trees, the upstairs “kid in all of us” crowd admired his permanent train display. The children had as much fun on Bob’s new stair glide as with the trains. It was regular “E” ticket ride you didn’t have a three hours wait to enjoy.

Seventeen years ago I acquired a 1971 MGB roadster. The car was just a bare body shell with an engine and gearbox and very few other parts. The car was in storage here and there for the next 10 years when it finally came home to my back yard patio. For the last six years I’ve been acquiring parts, many at our Parts Exchange, and have been slowly putting the car back together.





The body was turned upside down so I could repair some rust and install a new rear axle and fuel tank and rebuild the front suspension. In the ensuing years I assembled enough parts to become a working car. The last two years found me spending a lot of time on the car. At the beginning of last November I got the car running and took it to AAA. They inspected the car and it was registered, insured and given license plates. I drove the for the next two weeks and repaired many small problems. Then I decided it was time to send it to the paint shop. John Franks helped me dissemble the car back to a bare body shell and off it went. I’ve been visiting my “patient” every week and it’s looking better each time. The color we chose is British Racing Green with the hard top in Old English White.

Be sure to check the Octagon Topics for all the upcoming we have scheduled.


                      Ken Thomas











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