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Spring forward….Fall back”
Chairman and Chairlady message for November.
Here it is again… fall back… the clocks that is, this year on November 3rd. While we were on our way to breakfast last Sunday we were listening to our new found “oldies” radio station when “September Song” from the “Fantasticks”, the longest running off Broadway show was playing. For a bit of trivia, Jerry Ohrbach (of Law and Order fame) played the lead and first sang the song. You can always count on me for a bit of nostalgia and trivia. Anyway, Autumn brings wonderful memories for me, leaves showing their colors, weather changes, frost and the  holidays on the way. This year we are headed to Long Island to visit family and friends and best of all Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden…Woo Hoo!

Ken’s take on Autumn.
 Fall in the Northeast always means it’s time to put your MG in the garage for the winter,butnot for the Vintage MG Club. Eventhough the  days are getting shorter and its getting colderwe can still enjoy your MGs.For the adventurous, a drive to Apple Country at Oak Glen might be in order. In November we have Hobby night at the  General meeting and the Swap Meet on the 18th. It’s always a chance to pick

 up those little treasures that you’ve always been looking for but haven’t found.

On Sunday December 2nd Barbara Inskeep has arranged a  trip to the STAGES theater in Fullerton for a performance of “It’s A Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play”. A few seats may still be available. Be sure also to sign up for our annual VMG Club Christmas party on Saturday December 8th. This year we’ll have a special entertainer and a great end of year raffle.

As the “September Song” says, the “days dwindle down to a precious few”, but at the VMG the fun doesn’t need to, so enjoy your MG while the sun shines.
                      Ken Thomas












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