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Holiday Greetings:
The Holidays are over and it’s onto January and the new year. Because the first Tuesday in January is on the 1st, the General Membership meeting has been moved to the 8th, and the Board Meeting has also been moved, to the 18th. The General Membership meeting will be “Silly Hat Night” and 2018 “Year in Review”.
Bob Spellmire has once again opened his home to the annual “Tree’s and Trains” event. This very popular event gives one and all a chance to run a Railroad. He has a fantastic train set up in his upstairs “train room”. He also leaves his Christmas tree up for us to enjoy, although I suspect it may be up longer than this. This event will occur on the 12th of January.
I hope you will be able to drive your MG to this event. A snack to share would also be appreciated.

Again thanks to Rick and Jill Pullen and to John Seim for their work to make the Holliday Party the success it was. The evening was very enjoyable and the Raffle prizes were great.
We have the Superbowl Party to look forward to at the beginning of February at Pete and Fran Thelander’s home. Bring money.
Be sure to save the date of March 30th for the annual “London to Brighton” question and answer tour.
There will be lots of events happening in 2019, see you there.

                      Ken Thomas








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