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In the Months of June and July Marie and I had the opportunity to spend a number of weekends in Tehachapi. Tehachapi is located about 35 miles east of Bakersfield on California 58. The town has a population of about 14,000 and has an altitude of 4000 feet. Itís a lovely town with lots to offer. To train fans itís located east of the Tehachapi Loop. Trains going east need to gain 4000 feet altitude and one way of doing it is to go through a tunnel and around a large circle which is quite spectacular. Tehachapi would make a great location for a Mini GoF.

Now that Summer is here (actually itís half over), the days are long and warm. So, I have been spending a lot of time working on my MGB project car. I have been able to find all the parts needed to complete the job. Many were in zip-lock bags all over the place. The next job is to finish the assembly of the car, drive it and sort out all the problems. Once everything is OK, I can disassemble the car and paint everything. I íve had the car for 17 years, so itís time to get it finished




August is, of course, GoF month. I believe that Pat Gaston is planning the route to Prescott Arizona. Hopefully the weather will be cool and you will have an enjoyable drive. John Seim has planned a garage tech session for Saturday August 10th at Bob and Cheryl Ashe- Everest home in Laguna Hills. Not sure what the subject is, but Iím sure it will be interesting and educational.

There are many events planned for the coming months, hopefully our schedule will lighten up and we will be able to join in. See you there.

                      Ken Thomas













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