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 On Saturday May 12th we enjoyed a very nice driving tour to the Point Vicente Lighthouse and the Interpretive Center presented by Barbara and Lynn Inskeep. Like the London-to-Brighton tour, the day was gray and gloomy; just like the weather in the U.K., so our carís felt right at home. It didnít actually rain at the start but it was raining north of us.
So the tour began on a good note, but within a
few miles the problem that confronts many tour-masters occurred. The road was closed. There was a state wide bicycle race starting in Long Beach on Shoreline Drive, and it was closed. Within a few minutes we were back on the route. The first stop was at the Wayfarerís Chapel. I have not been there before. The grounds were beautiful as was the Chapel, not to mention the view. A good place to renew your wedding vows if you have an unlimited budget. Next stop was the lighthouse and museum, then on to the Interpretive Center for our bring-your-own picnic lunch.


Probably the most enjoyable aspect of the VMG Club are the driving tours. We always seem to go to interesting places and see interesting things. If you have something in mind for a tour contact the Events Chairman and get a date. We can always help you with the details.Barbara and Lynn Inskeep are planning another event for us at the end of June. Hopefully it wonít rain. They are taking us to the Day Family Classic Car Museum in Corona.
Be sure to check in this Octagon Topics for the date of other driving events and our annual picnic in July. The June 9th Garage Tech Session will be
at Jerry  Felpersís house and will be the GoF annual safety check. This is a great opportunity for you to get your MG checked out before your trip to Lake Tahoe, so you can repair anything that might be found.
                      Ken Thomas











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