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         August was another great month for the club. The August driving event had us at Eat at Rudy’s in Wilmington, followed by visits to the Drum Barracks, and Banning Museum, in Wilmington, CA; David Moore TD, Stuart Meador – MGB, along with Lynn & Barbara Inskeep, Lois McGovern, and myself, went, for a total of 6 members attending. I cannot tell you how many times I have traveled on PCH through Wilmington, and seen signs about the Banning House museum, and the Drum Barracks, and never stopped. Quite a bit of history there. The Saturday Garage Tech Session was well attended. We got David Moore’s TD exhaust system installed in a little over one hour.
        We still have the twice a month get together at the Olde Ship in Fullerton on Tuesday nights.
        Our next scheduled general meeting is September 6. We are looking forward to seeing you there. The program will be: “Charles George Gordon”. Michelle Ortiz of Hagerty Insurance will be the program speaker in November.
        Barbara Inskeep and Laurie Lyon-Diaz are really doing a great job as Events Chairmen.  It is the job of the Events chairman to publicize the events, not to put them on.
        Our next driving event is scheduled for September 17h. We will be going to the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary / Irvine Ranch Water District Duck Club. It will be a pot- uck lunch, with the club supplying hamburgers, hot dogs, and condiments. On October 22nd there is a planned visit to the Lions Automobilia Foundation & Museum in Rancho Dominguez. This will be another Lois McGovern planned driving event Look for information in the July and August newsletters. Please volunteer to host an event. Our Events Chairs have ideas for events, and could use a little help
        The Inskeep TD has a new coat of black paint, and is currently at the upholstery shop. A special order bright red leather seat and side panel kit was sourced from Moss Motors. Looks great in the car. .








      We used to do a lot of breakfast runs. Breakfast runs can be added to a month’s already scheduled event, as not everyone can make the monthly event date. It can be a driving tour, or a  rally with questions. They are easy to put on. Step up to the plate, and plan on putting one on.
        To add to that, on the Saturday of the Garage Tech Session, after the session at 12:00 p.m., a few members meet for lunch. A great brain trust, and the greatest topics of discussion. (other restaurant patrons have told us so). Gary Crow, Tom Graham and myself generally attend. It can happen on other Saturdays as well. We went back to Hollingshead Deli, 368 S. Main St., Orange, for lunch after the garage tech session this month. And, twice a month, at the Olde Ship in Fullerton, we get together  for dinner, on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. Bob Fluehe and David Moore joined us at the Fullerton event earlier this month.          
       Volunteerism is the key to an organization’s success!  We are always in need of someone to fill a board position. Board Positions can become available. Pat Gaston has been added to Sunshine. As the Star Trek crew gave way to Star Trek: The Next Generation, the next generation of VMG volunteers needs to come forward. Please consider taking a board position for at least one year. While it looks like we have a lot going on, we can always use club members to volunteer. We would love to see new faces become active there.        
        Those of you between the ages of 50 and 70 really need to step forward, and serve on the board. Your age group is under represented If you want to see the club do more.things that interest you, more involvement is required on your part.                
        The 51st GoF West in 2023, will take place. More info to follow. 
         Would you like to put on an event? What fun outings are in your neighborhood? Have ideas for an event? Barbara Inskeep and Laurie Lyon-Diaz would like  to hear your suggestions. If you want to see the club do more  
Please contact ;
Barbara Inskeep, 714-747-3428;
Laurie Lyon-Diaz. 714-316- 604;
        The weather is great! Let's get those TCars on the road! We really could use members willing to host a driving event!

That's it for me,

John Seim








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