The Vintage MG Club has one of the largest libraries of 1920s to 1955 MG related book collections, with rare copies of manuals from Australia, England and even some American authors. Each meeting there are at least 25 copies of selected reading(and picture books) for your perusal. They may be checked out(if you are a member) for one month. Videos on "how to do it" are also there for those who dislike the written word. More than that, you meet some experts on MGs at these meetings, of course, that is, along with a few morsels to sharpen your memory buds. The Tech sessions are for you; making 'enjoying your MG' more enjoyable by knowing what makes it tick, and tick they do..... Come on out, We'd love to see you. Bring your Vintage MG and you become an immediate celebrity.. Join in all the events and we will help you wear out your car so you can have the fun of rebuilding it(with lots of help), then show it to win Concours like several of our members have. Our club boasts over 223 cars, with members scattered across two oceans. So if you can't come, mail in for a membership and enjoy the benefits of knowing fellow enthusiasts and learning more about your marque. Vintage MGs are alive and you need to be here to show it......

Of course this message comes to you from the Club Librarian,

Gray Crow, Librarian  714-730-8140

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