From the Editors

          Didn’t we just do this? Has another month flashed by already? And I’m not even on any “speed” or time accelerating drug. I guess it is just a side effect of aging. I am reminded of my mother’s observation of the phenomenon. As a child, a year represents a large portion of ones life experiences but as we age, each year becomes a smaller and smaller portion of that experience. To put that into actual numbers, one year to a child may represent 10—20% of ones life, but as a senior citizen, it has diminished to barely over 1%. Enough of the philosophical rambling. Time to get onto the real business of our group.
           We wish to thank Dora Kasten for suggesting, and Barbara Inskeep for following up on what became our October Event...a tour of the Huntington Beach Wetlands & Wild life Care Center. It was a short run so a tour of the Newland House has added before ending up at the Crab Pot in Alamitos Harbor. And thanks also to Marie Thomas and David Moore for the photos that accompany Barbara’s report.

David also provided photos—along with Carl Haglund—of the October Tech Session. These contributions are the life blood of your newsletter. John Seim keeps us informed of activities staged by other clubs or organizations for which we are most grateful.

The holidays are fast approaching, so make sure you sign up to help out at the Parts Exchange and attending the Holiday Party. See flyers on pages 10 & 11. And one final reminder….the November meeting is the Hobby Night and there is the Gamble House tour on the 9th.



Pete & Fran



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