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Here we are at the beginning of another new year. Our wish is that this is a fabulous year for you and for Vintage MG. And we kicked it off with a really great impromptu event. The tour and visit to the Lyon Air Muse-um was a rousing success. But we hope that we can return to Bob Spellmire’s house for Trees and Trains soon.
The next event is the Super Bowl party at our house. We look forward to seeing all who can attend. On the 10th of March the perennial favorite, the London to Brighton Run, takes place. We are fortunate to be able to drive our cars year round so don’t miss this one.
We have heard from our North Carolina members Derwood and Beverly Schrotberger who attended an east coast car event in their boat equipped TD. Check out the picture on page 19. Derwood is quite the engineer. We look forward to seeing the Schrotbergers at the GoF in September at Lake Tahoe. Speaking of which we have included the registration form for your convenience. Plan now to at-tend. It is always a fun event.
As always we thank our contributors. Rick Pullen recounts the Lyon Museum event and there are pictures from Ken Thomas, Su-zanne Elmassian, David Moore Carl Haglund

and Fran Thelander. Marie Thomas chronicled the Silly Hat competition at the January meeting.
On our annual trip to South Coast Plaza to see the Christmas decorations, we came across this “toy” MG C-type” displayed in the window of a party shop. The photos below do not give a good impression of the size, but it was five or six feet long. And we could have walked away with it for the mere price of $2500 (close to the price of a new full size one in 1930s).
As mentioned in the second paragraph, we can enjoy our T-cars pretty much all year round. A week a or so ago, on a weekday whim, we took the TC out for breakfast at one of our favorite little restaurants, Kay May’s Lakeside Café in Huntington Beach. It is close to us, so we wandered a bit further before coming home.
Meanwhile I have been keeping busy cleaning up the pieces that comprise the front suspension of the TF. It’s slow and dirty, but is just one more step towards getting it back on the road forty years.



Pete & Fran


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