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After the very busy few weeks of June for our loyal VMG gang, the pace has dropped off in July. We did have a very enjoyable tour over the back canyon roads of Orange County to the Modjeska House. Many thanks to Barbara Inskeep for organizing the whole affair. The drive from their house to the Santiago Canyon was typical Orange County traffic, but quickly thinned down when we turned south on Santiago Canyon Road.

The guided tour of house and grounds was interesting. It, of necessity, included quite a bit of history of Orange County as well. When it was over, Steve and Dora Kasten suggested a different route to Handel’s Ice Cream in Rancho Santa Margarita, taking the left turn at Cook’s Corner onto Live Oak Canyon Road. What a great extra enjoyable addition to the day’s driving!! In fact, it was so great we chose to retrace the route rather than heading for I5 north to get home. Many thanks to Barbara for pulling it all together and providing a report on the event.

GoF West 2019 is the main attraction for the month of August. Pat Gaston has organized the trip to Prescott. Regrettably, due to a family commitment on Sunday evening, we will not be able to leave until Monday morning, so will not be driving the TC. After the fine way it performed on the Modjeska Tour, it will be disappointing not to make the trip in proper MG style.
The Tech Session is yet to be deter-mined. John will likely be announcing the subject and location by email.
The Olde Ship has changed its hours, closing at 5:00pm Sunday and Monday. So the faithful MG Diners will be meeting on Tuesdays instead.

We wish to thank the Trillium Newsletter of the Ontario MGT Register for the very in-formative article on why - and how to avoid - breaking your headlight brackets. Thanks to the author, “Clive of the UK”, and the Trillium Newsletter. It subsequently appeared in the Sacred Octagon also. Both are published by Dave Lawley.

Work on the TF has ground to pretty near a stand still . Can’t seem to finish up the gear shift linkage and the parking brake cables. So I moved on to bending up new brake pipes from a Moss MGA kit for the front. John brought his double flaring tool kit over and we finally got those finished last Monday. Rear lines were courtesy of Clark’s Corvair but still need a little “customization”. The parking brake cables I had made up appear to be too short, so I returned to the cable parts supplier for more materials and will be starting over.
So keep those T-cars moving, even if you are not going to GoF. Find yourself a lo-cal run to enjoy.



Pete & Fran


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