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   The New Year is here and the pace of Holiday shuffle has settled down a bit. The General Meeting was a potpourri of activities with Silly Hats, Lois McGovern’s photos of “Who Were We When?” and Year In Review slide show. All good fun.

Four days later, it was our annual visit to Bob Spellmire’s Trees & Trains. The added attraction this year for the grandkids was Bob’s new chair lift. We always wish to thank our photo journalists, Marie Thomas and Barbara Gallegos, for their reports from these events.

We managed to have the rest of the month off, but February will be here in a few days and that means it Super Bowl time this Sunday followed by a Metrolink tour to San Juan Capistrano on Saturday, the 8th.

It will be a bit of a dry spell until the annual London to Brighton Rallye on Mach 21. And there is an overnight tour to inland San Diego County, Lake Elsinore or Julian, is in the works for April or May. And John Seim will be starting his popular Tech Sessions. Stay tuned for the latest developments

Meanwhile, work on the TF continues. Finally got the Side Curtain “floor/box” from the sheet metal fabricator. Another milestone was reached when wheels were put on and the car was once again able to be rolled around . The windshield and dash have been removed, so we are one step closer to being ready for painting. Almost at a loss for what to do next. The wings and bonnet will need to have their chrome trim and lights removed, but that is pretty straight forward.

Keep those T- wheels turning,




Pete & Fran



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