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A minor miracle has happened...We are actually getting the newsletter out a couple of days early. Fran and our daughter, Peggy, are going to a family wedding in Illinois this weekend. So she has had to get her share done before they leave. The Memorial Day holiday blocks out Monday. So the only solution was to do it early. Thanks to our contributors for their cooperation getting their inputs to us early.
John has summarized the events of this past month and mentioned what’s coming up in June. Rick Pullen has a preview the Lew Web Museum Tour in the adjacent column. See the flyers for the Huntington Beach Concours, the Pet Prescription Car Show and GoF West 2017 for details on entering these events.
For those going up to Santa Maria for GoF West, Pat Gaston has secured reservations at the Motel 6 in Lompoc for Sunday night. Contact her for the details if you are interested. 562 691-7478. I will have a meeting place and route instructions available in the next couple of weeks. We have been this way before, so it should be a familiar run.

Our long time member, Bob Spencer was honored for his lifetime of flying service. We have an excerpt from the press release with some of the pertinent high lights of his career. Congratulations, Bob!! And thanks to Ken Blake for his story of life in VMG over the years.
Between going to the doctors, and doctoring on the MGs, it has been a busy month for us. Fran had cataracts removed from both eyes...surgeries two weeks apart with follow up appointments. I tripped and fell in the garage—not a good place for a crash landing—and had a couple of stitches in my wrist. And the dermatologist started chopping wee bits out of my arm looking for bad things from a life misspent in the sun. The tranny had to come out of the NE again for the 4th time. And progress on the TF gets pushed to the back burner.

Keep ‘em running til the roads wear out..




Pete & Fran


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