From the Editors

Have we got an issue for you this month. Our reporters and photographers have sent us lots of inputs for the GoF West, the Tech Session and the Foodie Foray. Thanks to Marie Thomas for the GoF report and pictures and , also, to Pat Gaston, Jackie Francis, and the editors. Thanks to Bob Fluehe, Tom Graham and Dan Shockey for pictures from the Tech Session. And more thanks to Marie Thomas, Pat Gaston and the editors for pictures from the Foodie Foray.
        The Foodie Foray started with breakfast at the Black Bear Diner. Unless you have a big appetite, the Black Bear offerings are best split with your partner. We then toured the sights on Signal Hill and drove miles down Sepulveda Blvd to the British Connection Shop in Torrance. The store was filled with all things British from food items that you never see in our grocery stores to toys, books and even an opportunity to take a picture with the Queen.


10388 So. Randall
Orange, CA 92869
TC 48 Sequoia Cream
TD 53 Maroon
Lester 49 Alumiinum


        But we were not finished yet. The next stop was to the New York Deli where one can again pig-out on mile high sandwiches. Here, Pete and I came to our senses and split a pastrami sandwich. And we didnít even finish that! Thanks to Lois McGovern for a fun event.

  Pete & Fran

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