From the Editors

        The Parts Exchange is over. It was a great success as usual. Thanks go to John and his staff. We will have a full report in next monthís OT. Unfortunately, we had to miss the Gamble House Tour. From Barbaraís report and Marie's photos, it looks to have been another wonderful VMG event. Thank to her also.

We seem to have a dedicated crew of technically interested troops who are willing to go all the way out to Wildomar for a lesson in electrical malfunctions at Paul & Bonnie Simonís house.

We are looking forward to our traditional holiday party at the same place but at an earlier hour. Check it out in the flyer, pg 8. And thanks to Rick & Jill Pullen for making the arrangements and planning the program.

Looking ahead to the January meeting, we are adding something a little new in addition to the Silly Hat Night. Be sure to send your pictures to Lois McGovern or Barbara Inskeep as requested in the flyer, pg 9.

Bob Spellmire has offered once again, to open his house for so we can enjoy his great.

collection of Christmas Trees and Model rail-road trains. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the Super Bowl will be upon us as well. Information on these two event is on pg 10.

We are looking forward to another lovely trip up the coast for GoF WEST 2020. You will want to get your registration in before the April 16 rate increase. We have printed it on the normally blank back of the calendar so you canít miss it.

And one final matter to highlight, one of our founding members, Mike Walsh, passed away on the 12th after a lengthy bout with cancer. He was our first President and will be fondly remembered by those of us who knew him.

Happy Holiday



Pete & Fran



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