From the Editors

Another month under Coronus is under our collective belts. We can at least be happy that we have not been visited by the demon bug, nor have any of our VMG friends. In the face of this severe disruption of our normal club activities, we have been able to partake in specially prepared events and meeting via the miracle of ZOOM (albeit with added cautions)

        We must thank Barbara Inskeep and Laurie Diaz for finding places to see and planning routes to them. Thanks to Barbara and Marie Thomas for reports and photos of our tour of Santiago Canyon and picnic in San Clemente.

        Rick Pullen pulled double duty this month by providing a report on the Tech Session held at his garage as well as his Looking Back piece. Likewise, John has given us an article from Skinned Knuckles explaining the phenomenon of gasoline deterioration as well as his usual

Minutes of our General Meeting and Board Meeting are reported by our faithful Secretary, Doug Smith. A screen grab of the ZOOM Gen-eral Meeting is provided by David Moore. Thanks are due for all our faithful recorders and contributors.

        Information on our upcoming Tea Party, Parts Exchange and Holiday Party are available in the fliers, pages, 8ó10.

        Marie Thomas also shared a couple photos of progress Kení has made on restoring their MGB. Always nice to see that some of us are able to be making progress in these difficult times.

        After reading Johnís article on Gas going bad, the safest course is to just keep your T-car wheels turning..

  Pete & Fran

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