From the Editors

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the GoF West in Carlsbad. It is a short, easy drive this year. No over night stop and motels to deal with…..although some of us will miss the camaraderie that we derive from that special addition to the overall event.
It has been a fairly busy month for VMG. John Seim’s Tech Session is always well attend-ed. We wish to thank Jay Clark for photos of this month’s Session.
Marie Thomas has given us a full report on the Duck Club Picnic. By all reports, a good time has had by all.
Of course the big event for October for all of us is GoF West 2023. Co-Chairs Dave and Joyce Edgar have done a fabulous job organizing and producing what promises to one of the finest GoFs yet. We are going down on Sunday to help with setting things up.
Meanwhile, progress on the TF has been interrupted with several setbacks. Finally start-ed the engine and was inundated with leaking oil. It produced a dinner plate size puddle in just a matter of minutes. There was no way around it….the sump had to come off.


  It was immediately evident that the gasket at the front was not put in properly. It had no holes for bolts and was off center enough to expose an open bolt hole. I had another gasket set and pulled out the relevant piece. It too had no bolt holes, so I had to cut them with an Exacto knife. Finally got it all together, but now the starter was still out, so I decided to replace it with a modern geared one. Have yet to get it back in.


Cheers    .

  Pete & Fran

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