From the Editors

Your Chairman and Editors are looking like a pair of ramblers. The Thomasí are leaving for a holiday in New England and Canada while we just returned from a week and a half in France, Belgium and Holland. But have no fear VMG will press on and survive in the face of these absences.
We wish to quickly thank our contributors. Carl Haglund has provided photos for their trip to (or from, Iím not sure which) the GoF in Prescott, Ron Wagner for the Tech Session, Derwood Schrotbeger for their trip to GOF 105, and Barbara Inskeep and David Moore for report and photos of the visit to the Print Museum. And no OT would be complete without reports from out Chairman, Secretary and Events.
And donít forget to look ahead to our up coming events. With space so limited, all I will say, is check the fliers for particulars.
Finally, we have slipped in a few photos from our trip that included a stop to meet an MMM racer I have seen in many reports in

Safety Fast and the MMM Yearbook. Cathelijne Spoelstra has an MG shop we were able to fit into our drive from Bruges to Amsterdam. It was a tribute to the worldwide camaraderie of MG enthusiast. We did not know her, but she and her crew were most hospitable. She had ordered in box salad lunch and we just had a wonderful visit. Photos below, and others from the trip are in the latter pages.

Keep those wheels rolling down the road.



Pete & Fran


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