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    April 2015 Events
4/7 (Tue) ANNUAL POT LUCK AND ELECTIONS,William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield, Tom Cook
4/11 (Sat) GARAGE TECH SESSION, 9 a.m. Brake and Axle Inspection, Felper’s
4/13 (Mon)-VMG Night at the Olde Ship II. Mon 120 West 17th St. Santa Ana
4/17(Fri) -  BOARD MEETING,8:00 p.m Thelanders (714) 892-0703
4/22 Wed) OCTAGON TOPICS Deadline
4/26 CHRONOLOGICAL MG CAR DISPLAY (Sun) Olde Ship. See flier on page 9
4/27 (Mon) VMG NIGHT AT THE OLDE SHIP II 6:30 pm 1120 West 17th St. Santa Ana
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Sunshine Corner

Pot Luck Assignments:
TC & Earlier - Entree
TD - Salad
TF- Dessert

March Birthdays

Jean Barnett April 16th
Rick Pullen - April 24th

Happy Birthday!

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